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Frequently asked questions

To help you out we have listed some of the most asked questions and even added some answers to them. Still don't find your answer? Just contact us.

What does EmailTestbox do?
With the EmailTestbox service, you can optimize all the visual elements in your email like images, headers, buttons, etc. It dynamically serves out all these visual elements, measures the results and picks the winner.

Why would I spend money optimizing my emails?
Ideally you want to spend as little money possible, but still get the highest increase in ROI. Optimizing via testing is one of the best techniques to do so. EmailTestbox takes away a lot of the work and gives you an increase in click-throughs and response rates. We help you get the results you dreamed of.

Do you also send my email campaigns?
We won't send your email campaigns, we optimize your campaigns. You can create and send using your own trusted platform. E-mailtestbox is 100% compatible with all email service providers and email send platforms.

Where can I track the results?
After you start your first campaign, real-time performance statistics will be available in the EmailTestbox tool. Track your results to see the conversion of each test alternative and watch it determine the winner.

Where do I start?
You can start by creating your free account right now. Inside the tool you can go through three easy steps to get your first campaign going. 1.Enter the image source and landing page details 2. Paste a small piece of code in your emailing. 3. There is no step 3! You are already good to send your emailing. Once you send your mail it will be optimized by EmailTestbox.